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whip wickham for gq’s september issue 

“was there a musical direction you wanted to go with this album?”

whip wickham: there’s never any cognitive understanding of direction with our work. we kinda do what we do, and then once we’re at the close, when we’re mixing and mastering, we all take a pause and realize oh… here’s the thread connecting the narrative, this is the musical path we’ve taken almost through osmosis. because a lot of our work deals in dreams, our lyrics are  - i’ve said this time and time again - i write in dreams, so there’s a certain sort of distaste i have for seeing people try and analyze my lyrics, because they’re dreams. i appreciate the passion people have, but if you connect with what i’m saying in  say - i think ur a contra or ah - ya hey, for example, you’re connecting through your alpha and theta, and you don’t necessarily need to analyze that. 

robbie bergman: jfk absolutely hates dream dictionaries. remember when i got one and you…

ww: i threw it outta the bus window because you wouldn’t quit reading aloud from it. i think there’s something to be said for repetition in dreams, but i don’t think freud knew what the fuck he was talking about, and a lot of dream analysis is just psychoanalysis. i won’t deny sometimes i can indulge in being the guy who says, ah! you’ve been dreaming of rain, you’re in a depression! but it’s ultimately seeking a universality in a truth that’s so intimate, so fucking personal. if i dream of rain tonight, and robbie dreams of rain tonight, and mason dreams of rain tonight, every rain is our rain. our rain unto us. the rain doesn’t have to mean the same thing to all of us all at once.

mason green: my rain dreams are about jizz. for sure. 

[all three laughing]

👏 👏 👏 get you a man who looks at you like poe yates looks at whip wickham when he’s interrupting his vlogs 👏 👏 👏

Anonymous said:
can i ask why you hate poe so much? admittedly i'm his stan but wick seems really happy with him, all i ever see from other yb accounts is hate. idk what you and the fandom have against him??

lmao wassup anon

for me personally i don’t hate poe yates, i think he and wick are cute and obviously happy together. i even subscribed to his fucking channel! but i HATE poe’s stans and i have no shame saying that. no shade to you specifically but a lot of y’all are nonstop with flooding the wick and yb tags with weird fanart and manips and junk that we (the yb fandom) are just not used to… a lot of us love wick as a MUSICIAN, we’re not so much here for his personal life ya know? for sure i thought lo/wick and hannah/wick were cute and ott sometimes but not even their fandoms were this fucking annoying with misusing his tag etc. nobody was tagging “wick wickham” and every other variation of his name in a photo of hannah on her own but poe yates fans do that ALL. THE. TIME. and idk why because poe has unarguably the bigger online fandom so it’s not like y’all need our likes or views. i’m not even going to get into the even larger issue of head canons, speculation, stalking, and excessive creepiness (if i see one more post with a size comparison/one more fanart of them fucking/another post calling wick “daddy long legs”… i will fucking scream omfg) because i think y’all know wtf you’re doing and why it’s messed up. that’s just my opinion and i wish everyone would cut it the fuck out because i KNOW it’s not wick’s fans or yb fans being this way, it’s poe’s fans 

also really hate how often i’ve been seeing his dick pix posted over and over again without so much as a nsfw tag but whatever

now i can’t speak for others 100% but some yb fans who hate poe just hate that whip is with a dude and to say otherwise would be erasure of a different problem imo. i’ve been avoiding reddit because rn the yb subreddit feels really toxic and weird with ppl calling poe “the new yoko” and saying he’s the reason the album is late or the next tour is being delayed blah blah blah lmao every single member of wick’s posse is following poe on social media, from robbie & mason to chelsea and lauren and even genie regularly likes everything he posts. even wick’s little sister is following poe. there’s no way he’s at fault for anything fucking w/ yb, no one in his crew would be supporting him like that otherwise. wick literally doesn’t have use of one of his arms rn!!! why is this so hard for people to understand?? but the reddit community has always been shitty and we all know why [coughs] TOO MANY CREEPY GUYS WHO WISH THEY WERE WICK AND ARE MAD NOW THAT THEY CAN’T PRETEND THEY’RE DATING ONE OF HIS HOT ACTRESS GFS BY PROXY [coughs]

whip storm arriving at jfk airport, 2 september 2018 (video at the source)*

*for those who don’t want to give tmz the views, it’s a 30 second video of whip arriving and struggling with his bags (daisy is being held by his nanny in the bg) and it cuts off after a brief convo where he says “i don’t usually see you motherfuckers here, who’s getting in today?” and the camera guy laughs and says “we’re waiting for clooney!” and whip answers “makes sense, send him my regards,” and rolls his eyes 

end of the road festival, a recap

thank you to yb super fan meg for live streaming the show from the front row for those of us who couldn’t make it! here’s the ups and downs

- 17 song set when they’ve been doing 24 song sets standard
- poe yates was there side stage being a goof as usual, but as a plus at least we didn’t have to suffer his rhythmically challenged self coming out on stage again 
+ the usual misogynists and bro dude fans will say she sucked because they can’t handle women who rock but chelsea was g r e a t taking over whip’s guitar parts and both whip & robbie complimented her and shouted her out loads
+ whip danced… like a lot… it was cute af
- the sling was still present
- “lp 4 is done… that’s all i’m gonna say about it”
- “this is probably our last show for the year” [audience booing] “it’s gonna be a while before i can even touch a fucking guitar again without somebody tackling me” [looking side stage while i seethe]  
- robbie didn’t play sister of pearl :( 
- it felt like a filler show tbh i have nothing else to report 

liked by wick, instagram edition : mia, mason, lauren, little lord reginald (one of these things is not like the other) 

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