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yogamama Friends, I had a wonderful experience tonight that I want to share with all of you and it is a testament to the power of POSITIVE THINKING.

For those of you who've been following me on my second account @homeschoolin, you know recently we've been trying to help our daughter Katie overcome her shyness. This means encouraging her to do more on her own - from greeting TSA to ordering her own meals! While this might sound like standard stuff fora 13 year old, for my shy girl, every day's a new struggle.

Tonight though, was a new experience for both of us. My girl loves YouTubers. Though she's not allowed to wear makeup yet, she WORSHIPS James Charles, adores Tati, and you've probably never met a bigger fan of NikkieTutorials. But Katie also loves "lifestyle" vloggers, like Alice Polly, Emma Chamberlin (sic?) and of course, Poe Yates who she likes to call her "Internet Boyfriend" LOL!

Poe Yates is the boy you see in this photo. A "stalker" photo I caught Katie snapping when he was boarding our very same plane to London. We had a little discussion about privacy after that and especially how important it is to ALWAYS ask before we take a photo of ANYONE. For a sec I thought she was too busy hyperventilating to listen! But the message came through loud and clear, and I encouraged Katie to consider going up to her "Internet Boyfriend" and asking for a selfie. I know this is the kind of things YouTubers do plenty! I also knew my shy daughter would never, never think about going up to anybody. It seemed like a win-win... a bit of peace and quiet for me and a bit of peace and quiet for Katie while she thought about ways to overcome her shyness.

Friends, what happened next, I cannot believe. Three hours into our red eye flight, Katie rose from her chair, cellphone in hand and jet off toward where we knew Poe Yates and his companion (I later learned boyfriend!) to be. You can only imagine my face. I was so shocked, I almost went after her. But I remembered what I have learned from so many kind, intelligent mentors. That we must let our birdies fly and hope they come back wiser and better off than before! That we must think positively and let our birdies see our positivity as their own! So I waited. And waited... and waited...

And five minutes later, Katie was back. No selfie, but still, a smile on her face. I asked what had happened, and she told me this: Poe Yates had been asleep, but her boyfriend (Whom Katie knew by name from his videos) was awake reading a book. Katie introduced herself and asked if she might be able to take a selfie - in her shyness, she fumbled and made it seem as if she wanted a photo with this poor sleeping boy! The boyfriend very gently told her no, that Poe was very tired and wouldn't be up for selfies now OR later, but that he would tell Poe that he had a fan on the plane after he woke. Katie was ecstatic. I was too. Not neccessarily about this YouTuber, but that she had done the unthinkable! Spoken to a stranger! Now. Get. This.

Not ten minutes after that, the most beautiful man came up to us. Friends, I felt faint myself. I was suddenly the shy one. This beautiful, beautiful man knelt beside our seats, introduced himself as Poe Yates' boyfriend - again, he used his name, but I was so lost in his eyes and smoky voice that I forgot! - and said unfortunately Poe would likely sleep through the rest of the flight, he was so sorry, and if we gave him our address that he'd make sure something would be sent to us. I could not believe the kindness and positivity radiating from these two individuals. I stuttered my thanks, and told him Katie was usually very shy, that she was home schooled and dealing with a bit of anxiety with "getting out there" into the world! I wanted to kick myself RIGHT IN THE BUTT for saying it! But then Poe Yates' boyfriend very kindly told the both of us that he himself was home schooled as well! "And now you're a mega star!" Katie interjected. MY GIRL. The boyfriend, the absolute ADONIS! simply laughed. I laughed too. I wrote our address down for him. Whether we get something or not, this is truly an experience we'll never have forgotten.

Thank you to Poe Yates, and thank you to Poe Yates' boyfriend... Sorry I forgot your name.
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yoga_bitch oh my god marie this is the sweeeeeetest story!!! but you forgot the most important part, you have to tag them!!!! @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe @whipwickham @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe @whipwickham @itspoe @whipwickham @itspoe @itspoe @itspoe
poespoet98 I am so jealous of your daughter to be taking Poe's air. 😘😘 and Whip too!
yogamama @yoga_bitch Did a little bit of Googling, you mean to tell me I was speaking to Alexander Storm's SON?! My Goodness, that explains those looks. I'm ashamed of myself! LOL 😂 😂 😂
almaxyz nice for you i guess my gf and i met poe and whip in nyc a couple days ago and we didn't get the same welcome, whip pretty much escorted him away from us like a fucking bodyguard. sucks that he picks and chooses who to be nice to i guess but from what i've read from his own fans he's always a grade a shitbag like that
ybupdates Wick being reduced to "Poe Yates' boyfriend"... 2018 is the hell we deserve. I hate my life.
damnithannah @ybupdates bitch the fuck at this rate we're never going to get lp4, only feel good stories about wick being a youtuber's bodyguard from someone who unironically calls herself yogamom.... thanos take us please!!! i give up!!!
whipwickham nice meeting you, dm me your address again when you've got a sec - i lost it in the shuffle of one-armed travel
yogamom @whipwickham OMG! Sending right away. Didn't think you'd see this post, sorry to call you Poe Yates' boyfriend so many times! LOL!
whipwickham i am what i am
aliceandpoesgirl Its a shame Whip is the new "guard" of who does and doesnt get to see or speak to Poe... Hes so fucking creepy and posessive. I tried so hard to be accepting but I really hate them together. @whipwickham if you are reading this you are a piece of garbage! Poes fans do not like you!
stellystellstella Wwwwoooooweww💖😍😍😍 what a story!

2poefromaustin his new hair is EVERYTHING. fucking kill me and play with my intestines zaddy