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skyesarah the telltale tart
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matthtesavage your waist is so small and beautiful
abbey.slaney How is it a possibility for a human to look like this? Take is as a compliment if you want, I just genuinely would like to know. How if you are a human and look like this, why don’t I?
heartfromgaby @itstessi sis you're reaching
itstessi @heartfromgaby The Telltale Heart is a short story written by Edgar Alen Poe, I read it in my English class... Sounds like you don't know anything about it?
eduardoduke why did u get lip fillers u look like na ugly cow now its' why men leave you
andru_addme can i now youre type of diet to get those super beautifull body, please answer
666poesbabe666 @itstessi you're right, it has to be a call out. poe used skye to make wick jealous and then went straight back to him once he'd managed. he's GAY and in denial, hence the stupid video talking about his bisexuality. it sucks if skye didn't know about it and it would make me reconsider stanning him. i don't want to stan someone problematic who uses and hurts woc. i hope skye clears this up since wick and poe are too busy posting photos from all their glam vacations to acknowledge what they did.
skyesarah @666poesbabe666 hey cutie thx for caring but no one used me and i'd reconsider the shit you're putting out onto the internet when you're calling others problematic cos assuming someone's sexuality is not so raven!
heartfromgaby not so raven omg i stan the QUEEN of puns
666poesbabe666 @skyesarah so you're obviously reading all our comments, why won't you clear things up for us?

skyesarah @666poesbabe666 it's 2018, a girl can kiss a boy without having to answer for him for the next 100 years. poe's a cool guy, we're not dating and we're not even friends. haven't spoken to him in a week+ and don't expect i ever will again. sometimes you see a cute boy and you have to mount him or else you'll just die and then some dickweed with a cam films you and suddenly everyone wants to know why you're not married or why he's back to fucking with his main dish. idk ok? lmao i can only answer for me. if you want answers from poe then go talk to poe, his comments are open too. as for me, well i do what i want bitches

666poesbabe666 ty for answering i'm going to ask poe now you're right i was being a bad feminist I LOVE YOU TOO