proms music
i can’t get you off my mind
i can’t get you off in general
japanese breakfast

museum of modern art
16 january 2019

downtown hot spot
halfway up the street
i used to be free
i used to be seventeen
follow my shadow
around your corner
i used to be seventeen
now you’re just like me

down beneath the ashes and the stone
sure of what i’ve lived and have known
i see you so uncomfortably alone
i wish i could show you
how much you’ve grown

downtown hot spot
used to be on this street
i used to be seventeen
i used to be seventeen
now you’re a hot shot
hanging on my block
sun coming up
who is my shadow?

sharon van etten

2019 january


Lana Del Rey for Gucci Guilty Perfume

We’ve been told space
is like two dark lips colliding

like science fiction
it outlines a small cosmos

where fear hides in a glow
where negative space

becomes a place for wishing
a constellation of hazy tunes

of faint sharp vowels
a glossary of meteors

a telescope to god
a cold bright white

maybe distance damages us
maybe Jupiter

will suddenly surprise us
with a notion of holiness

but instead an old planet
takes over all the space

and we are reminded
of the traces of fire

in our gaze
defining our infidelities

nathalie handal