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harmonymalick 3 july 2019

the trailer is upon us


i don't think tickets are available yet but if you beat down the doors of your local corporate theater and beg enough then they might have you escorted from the premises and it'll be great press for us!

just wanna take this time to weaponize social media and thank my cast and crew who i will not list by name because imdb exists... also i'm turning comments on so we can talk about stuff and maybe my publicist won't ask me to do as many interviews this go around, people can just quote my instagram. that's a thing, right?
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selectaudiovisual as a swede i'm so confused by your choices? midsummer is literally the least scary thing in the whole world lol
harmonymalick @selectaudiovisual i'm half-swedish and i'm absolutely fucking petrified by florals
tinamaryduh So is this a horror or not?
harmonymalick @tinamaryduh it's not but by virtue of hereditary it will be described as such despite my insistence otherwise and people will inevitably be extremely disappointed. i would call it a fairy tale or a folk tale or any kind of tale not preluded by horror. there are unsettling elements but this isn't hereditary or even the gingerdead man
austin_larsen Here's a question for you, when you're falling asleep, are you ever thinking about what a piece of shit racist you are?
harmonymalick @austin_larsen no i fall asleep to asmr so usually i'm thinking about how odd the sound of somebody eating raw honeycomb is
bethanyplaying What was it like working with @camilla?
harmonymalick @bethanyplaying she's a violent sociopath with little regard for human life and she forced craft services to peel all her grapes by hand... speaking of which asmr of people eating sea grapes, also a very unique and thrilling experience. camilla was great, lovely, a god damn powerhouse, i'm very incompetent when it comes to providing references but if she ever needs one for her bath&bodyworks application i'm happy to provide it
chasem8 did you paint this?????
harmonymalick @chasem8 yes and later i'll be auctioning it off in front of my local panera bread, keep your eyes wide shut
harrisonyarr Hey man, what was the inspiration behind this film? What about Hereditary? You never talk about good shit like this and IDK why. Like no offense but your interviews usually suck
harmonymalick @harrisonyarr frankly it was a prolonged acid trip and that's all i'm going to say about it because my interviews suck even on instagram
daniatx How'd you feel about the script leaking? Ngl I've read it and I'm hype af
harmonymalick @daniatx i know shit like that is inevitable but i do feel uncomfortable with people who are confident enough to pre-judge a film based on a script when the medium we're engaged with is visual. mostly though i'm indifferent, i know i've done similarly with works i'm enthusiastic about - i.e. game of thrones spoilers, jeopardy spoilers, etc - so while i'm judging you for judging, rest easy knowing i'm an outrageous hypocrite
trip.e.latskii Harmony malick is the Devil's gift to mankind
harmonymalick thanks for the good time kids i'm going to turn off my notifications and go back to pretending to be a bot now